“ Sarah Saba, founder of GreenElephant Designs, is an architect with years of experience in the creative industry. She established a multidisciplinary practice that focuses on developing design concepts for interior spaces, as well as creating limited edition original designs of geometric abstract art.Her artistic style stems from her interest in geometric elements and the infinite possibilities of how they could shape a space.Her digital artworks are based on the development of simple geometric forms into a final product, where forms and colors combine to create the composition of a hard-edge art piece. Hard edge art is characterized by pure geometric forms on a flat surface; precise, sharp contours; and broad areas of bright, unmodulated colors. “


June 2023, Artists of Beirut collective show, ‘The Art of Slow’, Arthaus, Lebanon.


‘Urban living’, Giclée Print on matt enhanced, paper, A2, 42 x 59.4cm, Edition:4/25, 2021

‘Dialogues in motion’, Giclée Print on matt enhanced paper, Edition:1/10, A2, 42 x 59.4 cm, 2023