It all started with a painting on a canvas on a confined day and the passion for art of two friends: Carole & Yara. The idea to promote art, women art and contribute to the development of Lebanon creative economy that is a distinctive facet of the country came to mind afterward like an evidence.
Season after Season, Artists of Beirut discovered talents, nurtured them and developed their potential to include not only art pieces, but artistic objects as well to decorate every home in Lebanon and abroad, a socially responsible concept supporting the restoration and embellishment of Beirut, as a tribute to the authentic beauty of the city.

Artists Of Beirut

Artists of Beirut is a “socially responsible” Initiative & Concept aiming at growing Lebanon’s creative economy by promoting and developing Lebanese Women Artists & Artisans creative talent. Artists of Beirut Concept grew into an extensive program including artists promotional campaign, a main thematic show with a wide media exposure followed by an on line show and other secondary exhibitions over a period of 9 months giving the artists several occasions to shine and increase exposure and awareness.


Organized Exhibitions & Shows


Unique Art-pieces


Artists and Artisans

Artists Of Beirut Boutique

Artists of Beirut boutique is a sub-concept deriving from Artists of Beirut initiative that aims at promoting Lebanese women artists gifting items around thematic limited edition collections. The Collections are exhibited in key annual shows then displayed in selected galleries and shops throughout the year.

Carole Ayoub

Carole founded ‘Artists of Beirut Initiative’ in May 2020 aiming at putting her marketing expertise to the benefit of Lebanese talents promotion. Carole has more than 25 years of experience in Communication, Marketing and Branding. Following a Master in Political Science and a DESS in Communication, Carole acquired a diverse experience in Advertising, with seven years dedicated to building brands at BBDO, in the Industry sector where she managed the marketing process, and a regional experience in the hectic world of Retail with the Magrabi group acting as regional marketing manager before joining Brandcell consultancy as partner and senior consultant dedicated to the development of business innovation.

Yara Jahchan

Yara joined ‘Artists of Beirut Initiative’ in July 2020 as Partner with a focus on Talents Curating. Yara holds a degree in History of Art and an MA in Museology from the Ecole du Louvre. She was in charge of the contemporary African and Middle Eastern art section at Galerie Schauer-Paris before joining the cultural department of the Carnavalet Museum in Paris There, she worked on organizing conferences and visits of the museum furthering the links between the public and the collection. Since returning to Lebanon, she has been collaborating with Decouvre Lb Initiative on museum visits for youth and sits also on the board of directors of the NGO ‘Voix de la Femme Libanaise’.