Yara Saadé is passionate about everyday scenes, her surroundings: people, shops, oldmerchants, sexy ladies, taxi drivers… Based in Beirut, she just got certified as a life coach. She also has an extensive experience in film, photo & theater production as a creative director, (costume designer & art director)What attracts her in a photo is the outfits and the surroundings“ it’s 30% visual, 30% social message & 40% psychological”, she says when talking about a photography.


June 2021, Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up Show Season Two, “Women of Beirut: Untold stories”, Bossa Nova Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon

2020, “Preloved 1st Edition”,  Private Art Exhibition, Beirut, Lebanon

2019, Solo photo exhibition for Beirut image festival, Ked Gallery

2018,  Beirut Art Fair Solo Photo exhibition of a Mural during the opening show

2016 – 2018, Discovering Montreal Canada through the people – street photography & portraits photoshoots.

2011, Photo Exhibition @The Church Gallery,  East London, UK

Oct. 2006, Photo installation, “Salon d’Automne”,  the Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon

March 2005, “Beirut Port” Photo exhibition, Espace SD, Beirut, Lebanon


‘Thawra imraa’, Photo Print, 64 x 49 cm, 2020

‘Dance Revolution’, Photo Print, 64 x 49 cm, 2020