“A Sweet Fantasy”

“A SWEET FANTASY” Show will be held from Oct 27th – Nov 4th at “Rebirth Beirut Space’, Gemmayze, Beirut. A Fantasy, a story that is set in an imaginary world involving ideas, dreams and events from reality. It is the faculty Artists have in imagining things, describing pleasant but unlikely situations that people enjoy thinking about mainly during troubled periods. Following 3 successful seasons, Artists of Beirut will be presenting a blended show with 16 Artists from the 3 seasons offering a new set of talents and artistic techniques. The Show will be held in Rebirth Beirut NGO space in Gemmayze from October 27h till November 4th from 12- 7 PM (Opening on Thursday 27th from 5- 8 PM). The Pop up show eclectic collection will feature more than 40 Imaginary Artworks made of various artistic techniques: Painting, Sculpture, Mixed media, Collage, Photo, Etchings and Upcycling art (Polyart, fabric and paper mache). 
The Show will also feature cultural and artistic animations: A Photography animation on the theme of Halloween & the Fantasy world on Nov 1st at 5PM with the Artist Nada Karam. A thematic conversation with the Artists around the theme of ‘Fantasy & Reality in Beirut” animated by Joanna Haddad on Thursday Nov 3rd at 3 PM. Finally and as per Artists of Beirut Mission, the Show will be helping Beirut city restoration with part of proceeds going to support “Rebirth Beirut” NGO initiatives.

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