Lebanese of Armenian origin, Pauline Avedissian worked for 15 years in the advertising field. She resumed graphic design studies followed by an introduction to illustration, painting, ceramics, pottery and mosaic. Yet, she immediately joined the mosaic world. During 4 years of training at the UPT and at Dekwaneh Antonins school of mosaic, she refined her technics and developed her talent.She is nowadays teaching mosaic courses at UPT ( Université pour Tous- Université Saint-Joseph), in different schools (college Louise Wegman) and art centers ( artlet…).Pauline Avedissian creates unique hand made pieces, combining glass, ceramic, mirror, china plates and salvaged building materials from the urban landscape to create site specific installations, murals and sculptural forms.Pauline has participated in many collective exhibitions through the years such Afkart ( Faraya –Mzaar), Garden Show at the “ Hippodrome” of Beirut etcKEY EXHIBITIONSDecember 2020 : Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up Show, Season One :“Tribute to Beirut”, Beirut, Lebanon


‘Si Beyrouth m’était conté’, Mosaics, 100 x 55 cm, 2020

‘Cèdre divisé, pulverisé’, mosaics, 60x 44 cm, 2020