Born in Beirut in the sixties, Carole Ingea is a Lebanese artist. She earned a Masters degree in advertising at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Art (ALBA) in 1987.After 20 years spent in the advertising field in France and Lebanon, she retires with the ardent drive to live her passion: Sculpture. For six years (starting 2012) she attended sculpting classes with Gulene Der Boghossian who taught her to handle different materials using the proper techniques (clay, plaster, wire…) while working on artistic morphology. Since December 2015, Carole’s resin and bronze sculptures are exposed at Jacques Ouaiss gallery.


2022.,“Blooming Rays” by Art for Aid, Arthaus, Beirut.

June 2021, Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up Show Season Two, “Women of Beirut: Untold stories”, Bossa Nova Hotel, Beirut

September 2020, “Dessine-moi un cèdre” collective exhibition, Résidence des pins

December 2019, collective exhibition inspired by the Lebanese revolution at Jacques Ouaiss gallery;

September 2019,she took part in Beirut Art Fair and the “Biennale of contemporary art”, at Macam museum

September2019, “A peace of liberty” collective exhibition, Beit Beirut.


‘La tête dans les étoiles’, Metal wire and plaster Sculpture,

44 x 44 x 34 cm, 2021

‘Point de vue’, Metal mesh, 30 x 100 cm, 2021