Lina Maalouf Husseini ( Beirut, Lebanon 1965 ) is a self-taught artist. She graduated from the American University of Beirut,(major Public Administration).Lina Husseini’s brightly colored sculptures loop and swirl around themselves, eclipsing and challenging academic rules and regulations. Exuberant in their presentation, the pieces take on a life of their own as they become characters in playful display. Husseini’s sculptures of metal, wood, clay, acrylic, glass, and PVC wind and unravel, twirl and cross back and forth conveying a sense of joyful buoyancy. Husseini grew up in Lebanon and France, her work expresses a transcendence of East and West as her influence stems from both. As such, her repertoire has been shown in Beirut, Lebanon, where she lives, as well as France and the US. Beginning her self-taught practice using papier-mâché, she built on these skills to explore various mediums playing with material, color and composition. She uses her practice to take everyday materials out of context, challenging cultural notions of use value and the quotidien and using her work to signal an optimistic transcendence of the human arenas of politics and society. Husseini lets her intuition inform her practice, eluding labels and evading classification.


December 2022, group exhibition « Portes Ouvertes », Galerie Cheriff Tabet, Lebanon

November 2022, group exhibition « Exotic Reveries », Agora Gallery, New York, USA

August 2022, group exhibition « An Art Reunion » at Claude Saba Art Gallery, Lebanon

July 2022, group exhibition « Art Defined », curated by The Gallerist,Rebirth Beirut, Lebanon.

April 2022, solo exhibition, “Invisible Sentiments”, Zoha’s.artspace, Beirut, Lebanon.

January-March 2022, group exhibition “Walls Open House”, Walls House of Art, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

December 2021, collective exhibition « From Peoria to Lebanon » at the « Peoria Riverfront Museum » Peoria, Illinois, USA.

November 2021, solo exhibition, « 200 degrees », Arthaus, Beirut, revealing 33 sculptures in pvc.

October 2021, participation in the contemporary art fair Art3F Marseille, France with Gat-Art gallery.

June 2021, collective pop-up exhibition « Women of Beirut Untold Stories » organized by « Artists of Beirut Initiative»2020, a selection of her works on permanent display at the Gat-Art gallery, France.

Dec 2019, group exhibition « October 17, 2019 », Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Lebanon.

June 2019, collective exhibition in the International – Multi Art Events, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France.

March 2018, solo exhibition, « Second Degré », Exode gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.

2015, works on permanent display at Kaf gallery, Beirut., Lebanon.

2014, solo exhibition, « Machetag », Biel, Beirut, Lebanon.



‘Abyss’, Clay, wood and acrylic Sculpture,

101 x 102 x 10 cm, 2018

‘Ose’ ,Clay, wood , acrylic & metal paint Sculpture,

180 x 62 x 24 cm, 2021