She is a Lebanese French artist, who initially studied law, having a career in legal and administrative fields.She followed her passion for Art that spoke to her soul: her love for painting pushed her to seek knowledge by enrolling in painting classes in Dubai and in Lebanon.Over the years she pursued her path and evolved from realistic and figurative painting by endeavoring in the abstract world that has infatuated her since…Her works reflect her vivid visualization of colors and light, as well as her meticulous character, always seeking beauty.

Key Exhibitions:

Oct 2022, Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up show, ‘A Sweet Fantasy’, Rebirth Beirut, Gemmayze, Lebanon

June 2022 , Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up Show Season Three, ‘Daydreams’, Arthaus, Beirut, Lebanon.

2022,“Blooming Rays” by Art for Aid, Arthaus, Beirut.

2021,“Beyond Art” by Rotaract & Children Cancer Center, Arthaus, Beirut, Lebanon.

2020,“Thawra Art Charity project”, Alife Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon.

2019, “Art In the Sun” by Afkart,  Zeituna Bay, Beirut, Lebanon.


‘Pixels’, Acrylic on linen canvas,

150 x 105 cm, 2020

‘Joy’, Acrylic with gold leaf on wooden panel, 2020