The award winning Lebanese Artist Zeina Nader was born in Lebanon in 1973. She graduated from the Saint Joseph University in Beirut in 1996 with a degree in Communication Arts .Instead of pursuing her promising career in the fields of theatre, cinema, and photography, she chose to adopt her initial love and passion: Painting.What started out as a hobby, painting on all kinds of materials (porcelain, wood, leather, fabric, etc.) slowly became a professional career of painting on canvas. Her familiarity with oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolors and different media propagated her even more deeply into the world of art. Her main inspirations were impressionists and figurative artists, and that contributed to finding her path in abstract painting, with many tales to tell and infinite vibrations to create. Zeina exhibited her work all around the world in cities such as New York, Montreal, Paris, London, Madrid, Milano, Monaco, Bruges, and Copenhagen to name a few. She is also an author and published books about her art and travels in Italy. She speaks 5 languages. She is inspired by everything and anything around her. Her “synesthesia “ was behind a recent exposition which carried that same name displaying 15 paintings of vivid colors inspired by events in her life. Her latest project in collaboration with Dr. Tony Karam digs into the furthest depths of synesthesia, transforming music and its emotions onto colors on canvas.One of her artworks (150 x 150 cm) was recently acquired by the Peoria Riverfront Museum in the USA for the permanent exhibition of the museum.


Jan 23, An immersive exhibition, Casa Milà de Gaudi, Barcelone, Spain

Nov 22, ‘Palpitations’, a duo exhibition at L.A.U, Beirut Campus University

Sept 22, Collective exhibition and auction for the good cause, L.A.U, New York, USA

Aug 22, ‘Sawa exhibition’, Claude Saba Gallery, Lebanon

June 22, Collective exhibition, Art Corner, Beirut, Lebanon

June 22,”Visceral”,  digital exhibition, Milano, Italy

Feb 22, ‘Musicality’,   solo exhibition , Arthaus, Lebanon

June 21, Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up Show Season Two, “Women of Beirut: Untold stories”, Bossa Nova Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon


‘Close Your Eyes And Kiss Me’, Acrylic and bronze leaf, 100 x 100 cm, 2021

‘Le Cèdre d’Argent’ , Acrylic and silver Leaf,

80 x 80 cm, 2021