Nicole Mezher, artist painter, her passion for art and her time in different workshop ‘s painters developed in her a sense of observation, of balance and right line. They were the basics elements that have lead her to abstract art practice. It has been since, a perpetual exploration a permanent search, a quest to find a form, a succession of forms. Create volumes by using shadows and light, explore colors and simulate the third dimension on a flat surface.She participated in several art collective exhibitions in Lebanon and abroad (Qatar. UAE. Italy. Spain and Lebanon…) .


Oct 2022, Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up show, ‘A Sweet Fantasy’, Rebirth Beirut, Gemmayze, Lebanon

June 2022 , Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up Show Season Three, ‘Daydreams’, Arthaus, Beirut, Lebanon.

Dec 2020,  Artists of Beirut Collective Pop up Show Season One “Tribute to Beirut”, Beirut

2017, ”Unique Realities”, in Sala Prado Ateneo de Madrid, Spain


‘Evasion’, Acrylic on canvas,

90 x 80 cm, 2022

‘La confessions des oiseaux’,Mixed media collage & acrylic on wood,

20 x 25 x 50 cm, 2022