Monique Rizkallah Chebli is an artist & a yoga teacher living in Beirut. She holds a master in Political Science, a degree in Yoga (from the french federation of yoga teachers in France. FNEY) and a certificate in Yoga nídra- stress release, with Institut Vidya Quebec. She attended many workshops & paintings classes with different « ateliers » in Beirut and Paris.

She is always seeking for new pathways to learn and grow, seeking also to share her love and curiosity for yoga, well-being, meditation, art, readings & nature discovery.

Her last exhibition with « Artists of Beirut » the art of slow, is about connecting the movement of the breathe with the fluidity of the ink. In a attitude of letting go all expectations. Trying to be in a meditative mind when drawing, present to the gesture of the brush & her hand between two spaces : interior space and cosmic space. Two spaces which resonate, which seek each other, in a continuous quest for Union.Her palette of colors is vivid, positive, showing water, earth, fire, air, bringing all the elements of the nature within. She believes that every human beeing is unique & represents a microcosm in the macrocosm.

« We are ONE with the Universe, our breathe is the same vital energy that flows between us and the cosmic space ». Monique


June 2023, Artists of Beirut collective show, ‘The Art of Slow’, Arthaus, Lebanon

December 2019, photography exhibition, Galerie Jacques Ouaiss, Beirut, Lebanon

August 2017, collective exhibition, Galerie Fadi Mogabgab, Mzaar, Lebanon

May 2013 , collective exhibition, ESA, Beyrouth

March 2012, Solo Exhibition « Traces de Vie », Galerie 6, Beirut, Lebanon

July 2011, collective exhibition and auction sale, ESA, Beirut, Lebanon

August 2007, photography exhibition, Mzaar, Lebanon

December 2003, « les artistes s’amusent », Épreuve d’artiste, Beirut, Lebanon


‘Je suis toi’, Series of 4, Watercolor & ink on paper, 57 x 45 cm, 2023

‘Chao calme’, Ink on japanese paper, Diptych 47 x 38 cm, 2023