Hardworking Visual Artist, specializing in modern and contemporary painting and sculpture.

Expert in color and design, beginning with self-taught interior decorating and fashion design and a ten-year period of embroidery art mastery. Continually push the boundaries with original, innovative work that reflects a passionate drive to advocate for human rights and transcend borders through the cross-cultural language of the abstract.

Maral Maniss explores into her emotions, thoughts and concerns through energetic movements, vibrant colors and linear symbolic expressions, transcending traditional boundaries.

Her art often revolves around a central motif of Fish. The symbolic representation of fluid fish serves as a metaphor for her subconscious mind.


June 2024, ‘Expressions of diversity’, Artists of Beirut collective exhibition, Arthaus, Beirut, Lebanon

April 2024, MESH: Exhibition and Pop-Store, Zico House, Beirut

March2024, “ART HER WAY” collective exhibition at Kulturnest , Beirut.

23 June 2022, Les Plumes Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

November 2021, “INTROSPECTION” , Solo Exhibitions, 392 RMEIL 393 Gallery, Gemmayze, Lebanon

September.2019, ‘OFF/SITE’ ,Le Gray Hotel with the collaboration of Beirut Art Fair, Beirut , Lebanon

May 2018, “ERUPTION”, Solo Exhibitions Exode Art Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

September 2018, ‘Art Infinite Worldwide’, Design Series Dubai World Trade Center, AED

June 2017, “FROM TOMB TO WOMB,” Solo Exhibitions, Grand Salle Hall of the Lebanese University Faculty of Fine Arts, Lebanon

June 2015 , International art exhibition, “Art Monaco 2015” at Monte Carlo


‘Golden Coral’ 

Mixed media with gold leaf on canvas, 148 x 134 cm, 2018

Ain el Mreyce

Mixed media with gold leaf on canvas, 125 x 200 cm