Rabab Malaeb, an interior and landscape designer, draws inspiration from her connection with nature cultivated over years of immersion in garden and landscape design.

Infusing her creations with elements sourced directly from the natural world, she crafts elegant pieces that blend organic wooden materials with patchwork using canvas fabrics. However, it was her discovery of the art of mosaic that truly captured her imagination. Through this form of art, she found her own way of expressing the beauty of women, nature, and flowers in her work. The vibrant colors she employs enriches her artwork with a natural sense that evokes feelings of joy and optimism.


June 2024, ‘Expressions of diversity’, Artists of Beirut collective exhibition, Arthaus, Beirut, Lebanon

August 2022 ,Sami Makarem Cultural Center, Aitat, Lebanon

November 2023, Arab Art Fair, Coral Beach Beirut, Lebanon


‘Flamenco Dancer’ 

Mosaic, 105 x 64 cm


Mosaic, 48 x 35 cm